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-This software is the software that the application which was necessary for machine processing was put together. -The program example which contains the amount of compensation is indicated if the coordinate calculation of the various patterns for the CNC lathe can be done and Nose-R is inputted, too. -Surface roughtness, the calculation of the feed speed and processing time can be calculated, too. -The function which calculates the size of the nail which is hard to measure was added. -The calculator, the stopwatch, the timer and the counter as well are attached.- X-Y coordinate<--> angle and the radius/a diameter, Trigonometrical function can be calculated.-Add the weight(Kg) calculation.-Add the power(kW) calculation.-Metric is only support currently, There is also NcToolInch of an inch version. -A corresponding language copes with English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, French, Italian, German and so on, too.- A meter screw and a screw for pipes are added.